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Atlas of Greece

General maps

Gr-map.pngMap of Greece
Greece topo.jpgTopographic map of Greece
Flag-map of Greece.svgMap of Greece in the colors of the Flag of Greece.
Peripheries of Greece.png
English: Modern regions of Greece
Ελληνικά: Περιφέριες της Ελλάδας
English: Modern regions of Greece
English: Prefectures of Greece
Greece prefectures map.png
Ελληνικά: Νομοί της Ελλάδας
English: Prefectures of Greece
Greece 2011 subdivisions blank.svgMunicipalities of Greece

History maps

This section holds a short summary of the history of the area of present-day Greece, illustrated with maps, including historical maps of former countries and empires that included present-day Greece.
Pelasgian presence in ancient texts (English).svgMap of Pelasgians
GrLangPrehistory.jpgDialect map of Prehistoric Greece
EpirusMycynaen.jpgMycenaean remains in Epirus
Tribes in Ancient Thrace (English).svgTribes in Thrace
ThracianTribes.jpgMap of Thracian Tribes
Gaul Migration Map (English).svgCeltic migrations
Ancient Thrace after Hoddinot, Fol & Cah (English).pngAncient Thrace
Thraciae-veteris-typvs.jpgancient Thrace,map made in 1585
Life of Orpheus Greek Mythology (Extra Details).svgMap of Orpheus's life
Life of Orpheus Greek Mythology.svgThe life of Orpheus (svg, translatable)
Ancient Greek southern regions.pngAncient Greece, southern regions
Ancient Greek Northern regions (English).svgAncient Greece, northern regions
Ancient Regions Peloponnese.pngAncient regions of the Peloponnese
AncientGreekDialects (Woodard) en.svgAncient Greek dialects (following Woodard 2008)
Ancient greek dialects-en.svgAncient Greek dialects (following Horrocks 2006)
Epirus antiquus tabula.pngAncient Epirus
Map of ancient Epirus and environs.pngAncient Epirus
Map of ancient Epirus and environs (English).svg
This file has annotations. Move the mouse pointer over the image to see them.
(svg) Ancient Epirus
Ancient Epirus & Modern Borders (Colored).svgEpirus in relation to Modern states Epirus
Ancient Epirus & Modern Borders.svg(svg) Epirus in relation to Modern states Epirus
Map Minoan Crete-en.svgMinoan Crete
Route of Karanos to establish his own kingdom (English).svgDorian invasion and Karanus of Macedon Karanus of Macedon
Map of Archaic Greece (English).jpgThe Archaic period in Greece (750 BC – 480 BC) Archaic period in Greece
Map of the ancient Greek Kingdom of Macedon (with settlements) (English).svgKingdom of Macedon
Map of the ancient Greek Kingdom of Macedon (without settlements) (English).svgKingdom of Macedon
Ancient Greece Northern Part Map.jpgAncient Greece, Northern part
Map greek sanctuaries-en.svgReligious Sanctuaries of the Ancient Greeks
Homeric greece.pngHomeric Greece (around 8th century BCE)
Griechischen und phönizischen Kolonien.jpgGreek colonization 8th until 6th century BCE
The Beginnings of Historic Greece 700 - 600 B.C..jpgAncient Greece 700-600 BC
Location greek ancient.pngAncient Greek world around 550 BC
Historic peloponnes de.pngPeloponneses
Sparta territory.jpgSparta in the classical age
Map of Assyria.pngThe Region in the 9th to 7th centuries BC
Map of the Achaemenid Empire.jpgGreece and the Achaemid Empire (Persia (648–330 BCE) at its greatest extent
Achaemenid-empire-500BCE.pngGreece and the Persian Achaemenid Empire
Carte empire achéménide.pngGreece and the Persian Achaemenid Empire
Persian Empire, 490 BC.gifGreece and the Persian Achaemenid Empire
[[|border|251x400px]]Battles of Ancient Greece Ancient Greece
Battles of Ancient Greece 700-168 BC (English).svgHellenic Battles,700-168 BC [svg]
Ionian Revolt Campaign Map-en.svgIonian Revolt around 500 BC
Map Greco-Persian Wars-en.svgGreco-Persian Wars around 500 BC
Perserkriege.jpgGreco-Persian Wars around 500 BC
Persian invasion.pngThird Persian Invasion around 480 BC
Map athenian empire 431 BC-fr.svgAthens and her allies in 431 BC. The city-states in the Aegean were part of the Delian League
Pelop krieg1.pngPeloponnesian War
Map Peloponnesian War 431 BC-fr.svgGreek states around 431 BC (Peloponnesian War)
362BCThebanHegemony.png371 BC - 362 BC, Theban Hegemony
Griechenland 371-362.jpgGreece 371-362 BCE
Expansion of Macedon (English).svgExpansion of Macedon
Growth of the ancient Greek Kingdom of Macedon (English) no region markers.svg
English: The expansion of Macedon
Growth of the ancient Greek Kingdom of Macedon (English).svgExpansion of Macedon
Map Macedonia 336 BC-en.svgMacedon and Philip II's campaigns Hellenistic period (around 336 BC)
Macedonian Kingdom.jpgThe Macedonian Kingdom 334-323 BCE
Map of Armenia and Albania (1760).jpgThe Expedition of Alexander the Great 334-323 BCE
Map-alexander-empire.pngMap of the Empire of Alexander
MacedonEmpire.jpgMap of the Empire of Alexander 334-323 BCE
Alexander den stores rike, Nordisk familjebok.jpgMap of the Empire of Alexander (Norwegian)
Map of the Pyrrhic War (280–275 BC) (English).jpgPyrrhus' invasion of Italy
Diadochen1.pngHellenistic successor states:
   Kingdom of Ptolemy
   Kingdom of Cassander
   Kingdom of Lysimachus
   Kingdom of Seleucus
Other states:
Hellenistic world 200BC blank.pngHellenistic world in 200 BCE
Map Macedonia 200 BC-fr.svgHellenistic period (around 200 BC)
Roman expansion 264 BC Shepherd.jpgTerritorial development of the Roman Empire 264 BC-192, including the conquest of present
Asia minor roman power.jpgRoman conquest of Minor Asia
Expansion of Rome, 2nd century BC.gifRoman Republic 100 BCE
Roman Empire in 50 BC.pngMap of the Roman Empire in 50
Roman Empire.pngThe extent of the Roman Republic and Roman Empire;
   133 BC
   44 BC (late Republic, after conquests by republican generals)
   AD 14 (death of Augustus)
   117 (maximum extension)
Roman Legions camps - AD 80.pngCamps of the Roman Legions in 80
Romia Imperio.pngMap of the Roman Empire in 116
Achaea SPQR.pngAchaea in the Roman Empire (116)
Epirus SPQR.pngEpirus in the Roman Empire (116)
Macedonia SPQR.pngMacedonia in the Roman Empire (116)
Roman empire.pngRoman Empire in 117
REmpire-Achaea.pngThe Roman province of Achaea
Roman empire 395.jpgRoman Empire divided 395, showing the dioceses and praetorian prefectures of GaulItalyIllyricum and Oriens (east), roughly analogous to the four Tetrarchzones of influence after Diocletian's reforms.
Theodosius I's empire.pngThe division of the Empire after the death of Theodosius I, ca.395 AD superimposed on modern borders.
Invasions of the Roman Empire 1.pngInvasions of the Roman Empire 100-500
Karte völkerwanderung.jpgInvasions of the Roman Empire 100-500
Rome406.jpegDivision of the Roman Empire in 406
628px-Western and Eastern Roman Empires 476AD(3).PNGEastern Roman Empire and Western Roman Empire, c.476
EasternRomanEmpire.pngEastern Roman Empire
Justinien 527-565.svgEastern Roman Empire under emperor Justinianus
Justinian Byzanz.pngEastern Roman Empire under emperor Justinianus
Byzantine Empire animated.gifMap of the changes in borders of the Byzantine Empire
Byzantium550.pngByzantine Empire 550
ByzantineEmpire717AD.pngThe Byzantine Empire at the accession of Leo III, c. 717
ByzantineEmpire867AD3.PNGThe Byzantine Empire at the accession of Basil Ic. 867
Byzantium1025.jpgThe Byzantine Empire under Basil IIc. 1025
Map Byzantine Empire 1025-en.svgByzantine Empire 1025
Byzantiumforecrusades.PNGThe Byzantine Empire at the accession of Alexios I Komnenosc. 1081
Byzantium in 1170(3).PNGMap of the Byzantine Empire under Manuel Komnenos, c.1170.
Manuel'sEmpire.pngByzantine Empire 1180
Byzantium1204.pngThe Byzantine Empire in 1204 A.D. was divided into the Empire of Nicaea, the Empire of Trebizond and the Despotate of Epirus
LatinEmpire.pngMap to show the partition of the empire following the Fourth Crusade, c.1204.
The despotate of Epirus from 1205 to 1230
Epiro1230-1251.pngThe despotate of Epirus from 1230 to 1251
ShepherdByzempire1265.jpgThe Byzantine Empire in 1265 (William R. Shepherd, Historical Atlas, 1911).
ByzantineEmpire1265.svgByzantine Empire in 1265
Epir1252-1315.pngThe despotate of Epirus from 1252 to 1315
Epir1315-1358.pngThe despotate of Epirus from 1315 to 1358
Byzantine empire 1355.jpgByzantine Empire in 1355
Serbia 1360 en.pngMap of the Serbian Empire in 1360 with territories ruled by local rulers in present-day northern Greece
Empire of the romans and serbs en.pngEmpire of the Romans (Greeks) and Serbs and whole Albania (Empire of Simeon Uroš - Siniša), 14th century
Byzantium1400.pngByzantine Empire 1400
Ottoman small animation.gifGrowth of the Ottoman Empire
Meyers b15 s0924a.jpgDevelopment of the European part of the Ottoman Empire
Ottoman empire 1481-1683.jpgGrowth of the Ottoman Empire
[[|border|251x400px]]Map of the Ottoman Empire 1566
Ottoman 1683.pngLocation of the Ottoman Empire in 1683
OttomanEmpire1801.jpgMap of the Ottoman Empire 1801
Territorial Expansion of Greece from 1832–1947.gifTerritorial development
Graecia Vetus Map of Ancient Greece.jpgGraecia Vetus 1752
Graecia Antiqua Map of Ancient Greece 1809.jpgold Map of Ancient Greece 1809
Graecia Antiqua Map of Ancient Greece made in 1814.jpgold Map of Ancient Greece 1814
Map Greece expansion 1832-1947-fr.svgTerriorial expansion 1832-1947
Balkans1912.jpgBalkans after 1856
Griechenland 1879.jpgGreece in 1879
Serbia-WW1-3.jpgFront in World War I
Serbia-WW1-4.jpgFront in World War I
Battle of Greece WWII 1941 map-en.svgGerman invasion of Greece in World War II
BatailledeGrèce15041941.JPGFront in April 1941
Triple Occupation of Greece.pngOccupation zones during World War II

Ethnic and linguistic maps

Ethnographic map Ami Boué, 1847.jpgEthnographic map of Greece (1847)
Balkans-ethnic (1861).jpgEthnographic map of Greece (1861)
Balkans-ethnic (1877).jpgEthnographic map of Greece (1877)
CarlSaxET1877.jpgEthnographic map of Greece (1877)
Ernst-Ravenstein-Balkans-Ethnic-Map-1880.jpgEthnographic map of Greece (1880)
Southwestern Balkans 1890.JPGEthnic map of Greece (1890)
Pelopones ethnic.JPGEthnic map of Pelopones (1890)
Greece ethnic 1897.JPGEthnic map of Greece (1897)
Ethnographic map of the South Balkans, Pallas Nagy Lexikon, 1897.jpgEthnic map of Greece (late 19th century)
[[|border|251x400px]]Ethno-linguistic map of Greece (1912)
Ethnographic-map-Thrace-1912.jpgEthnographic map of Thrace (1912)
Copy of NL26 1F.jpgRomance languages in Greece (1930)
Modern Greek dialects en.svgModern Greek dialects
Greece linguistic minorities.pngEthno-linguistic minorities in Greece
South-Balkan-Romance-languages.pngRomance languages in Greece

Regional maps

Macedonia - modern maps

PosGreekMacedonia.pngGreek Macedonia
Macedonia greece.pngGreek Macedonia
Macedonia greece overview.pngGreek Macedonia

Macedonia - historical maps

Europe Balkans Macedonia geo.jpgEntire Macedonia region
Borders of Macedonia according authors (1843-1927).pngBorders of Region of Macedonia according to different authors (1843-1927)
Balkans-ethnic (1861).jpgEthnograhic map of European Turkey and its vassal states, 1861
Southwestern Balkans 1890.JPGEthnic map of the Southwestern Balkan Peninsula (1890)
Ethnographische Karte von Makedonien (1899).jpgEthnographic map of Macedonia, 1892
Ethnographic map of the South Balkans, Pallas Nagy Lexikon, 1897.jpgThe peoples of the Balkan Peninsula (1897)
Macedonia - Point of View of the Bulgarians.jpgBulgarian Ethnographic map of the modern Macedonia region, 19th century
Macedonia - Point of View of the Serbs.jpgSerbian Ethnographic map of the modern Macedonia region, 19th century
Macedonia 1913 map.pngDivision of Macedonia region between the Balkan states, 1913


Thrace modern state boundaries.pngThrace
Thrace and present-day state borderlines.pngThrace
Thracians Greece-Western.pngThrace


Crete location map.pngCrete
Crete integrated map-en.svgCrete
Crete topo.pngCrete

Ionian Islands

Ionian Islands.svgIonian Islands

Old maps

1834 Teesdale Map of Greece.jpgMap of Greece in 1834
Ethnographic map of Epirus, based on P. Aravandinos, 1878.jpgEthnographic map of the Epirus region, 1878. Greek point of view
85mapmacedonia.jpgThe wider geographical Macedonia region, 1885

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