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Atlas of Abkhazia

Location of the region of Abkhazia in Eastern Europe.svg
Flag of the Republic of Abkhazia.svg

Flag of separatist Abkhazia
logo of Abkhazian Autonomous Republic


АҧсуаАҧсны - Аҧсны Аҳәынҭқарра[1]
Аҧсны Аҳәынҭқарра. Амраҭашәаратә Кавказ Аҧсны Аҳәынҭқарра иҟоуп. Атерриториа – 8 700-кмк2; аҳәынҭқарра иаланхо – 214 016-ҩык (2003 ш.).
РусскийАбхазия - Республика Абхазия[2]
Абхазия — государственное образование, бывшая автономная республика (Абхазская АССР) в составе Грузинской ССР, формально является частью Республики Грузия. Фактически бо́льшая часть территории Абхазии центральными властями Грузии не контролируется. Независимость Абхазии признана Российской Федерацией.
EnglishAbkhazia - Republic of Abkhazia / Abkhazian Autonomous Republic
Abkhazia is a de facto independent republic within the de jure borders of ► Georgia, on the eastern coast of the Black Sea, bordering the ► Russian Federation, with ► Karachay-Cherkessia to the north. Abkhazia’s independence is not recognized by any international organization or country (except for Russia and Nicaragua) and is regarded as an autonomous republic of Georgia (Georgian: აფხაზეთის ავტონომიური რესპუბლიკა, Abkhaz: Аҧснытәи Автономтәи Республика), with Sukhumi as its capital.

Short name Abkhazia
Official  nameRepublic of Abkhazia / Abkhazian Autonomous Republic
StatusDe-facto independent country since 1992, de jure part of Georgia
CapitalАҟəа[3] (Sukhumi)
Population300,000 inhabitants
Area8,600 km²
Major  languagesAbkhazian, Russian, Mingrelian
Major  religionsOrthodox, Islam
More informationAbkhaziaGeography of AbkhaziaHistory of Abkhazia and Politics of Abkhazia
More  imagesAbkhazia - Abkhazia (Category).

General maps

Location of Abkhazia in Europe.pngLocation map of Abkhazia
Location of Abkhazia in Europe2.pngLocation map of Abkhazia
LocationAbkhazia.pngLocation map of Abkhazia
Abkhazia map-fr.svgGeneral map of Abkhazia
Abkhazia detail map2.pngMap of Abkhazia
Abkhazia detail map.pngMap of Abkhazia
Abkhazia Map Apsny.svgAbkhaz-language vector map of Abkhazia
Карта Абхазии обзорная.svgRussian-language vector map of Abkhazia
Abkhazia summary map.pngMap of Abkhazia
Abkhazia02.pngMap of Abkhazia
Abchazja.jpgMap of Abkhazia
Flag-map of the Republic of Abkhazia.svgFlag map of Abkhazia
Abkhazia Districts map.svgAdministrative divisions
AbkhaziaLocator.jpgBlank map
Abkhazia Locator map.svgBlank map
Mapa Abjasia fisico.svgPhysical map

History maps

This section holds a short summary of the history of the area of present-day Abkhazia, illustrated with maps, including historical maps of former countries and empires that included present-day Abkhazia.

General history

Ge colxida.pngColchis
Görög gyarmatok a Fekete-tengernél i e 6 század.svgColchis in the 6th century BC
Caucasus03.pngColchis around 300 BCE
Caucasus 290 BC map de alt.pngColchis in 290 BC
Transcaucasia 2nd BC.jpgColchis in the second century BC
Maps of the Armenian Empire of Tigranes.gifColchis in 80 BC
Caucasus 80 BC map alt de.pngPontus in 80 BC
Ge iberia100.pngColchis in 100 AD
Asia 200ad.jpgLazika/Colchis in 200 AD
Caucasus 250 AD map alt de.pngAbkhazians and Abasgians in 250 AD
Caucasus 300 map de.pngAbkhazians and Abasgians in 300 AD
Ge iberia350.pngLazika in 350 AD
Ge lazika.pngKingdom of Lazika
Caucasus 385 AD map alt de.pngLazika in 385 AD
[[|border|251x400px]]Lazika, 4th-6th century
Caucasus 565 map de.pngLazika in 565 AD
Roman-Persian Frontier, 565 AD.pngRoman-Persian frontier and state of Lazika in 565 AD
Sassanid Empire 620.pngThe Persian Sassanian Empire (226-650) in 602 to 629, Strokes: Under Sassanid military control.
Carte empire Sassanide.pngSassanide Empire
Sassanides02.pngSassanide Empire
Revolt.pngAbkhazia in the 8th century
Caucasus 750n de.pngAbkhazia in 750 AD
727px-NE 800ad.jpgAbkhazia in 800 AD
Caucasus 850 map de.pngKingdom of Abkhazia in 850 AD
Caucasus 900 map alt de.pngKingdom of Abkhazia in 900 AD
Caucasus 1000 map de.pngKingdom of Abkhazia in 1000 AD
Georgian states (830-1020)-fr.svgKingdom of Abkhazia, 9th-11th century
Mongol Empire map.gif
This file has annotations. Move the mouse pointer over the image to see them.
Map showing changes in borders of the Mongol Empire from founding by Genghis Khan in 1206, Genghis Khan's death in 1227 to the rule of Kublai Khan (1260–1294). (Uses modern day borders)
   Mongol Empire
By 1294 the empire had split into:
   Empire of the Great Khan (Yuan Dynasty)
[[|border|251x400px]]Abkhazia in the late 16th century
ExpansionOtomana.gifExpansion of the Ottoman Empire
Ottoman Empire 16-17th century.jpgOttoman Empire in 1600
ImperioOtomano1683.pngOttoman Empire in 1683
Ottoman 1683.pngOttoman Empire in 1683
OttomanEmpireIn1683.pngOttoman Empire in 1683
Ottoman empire.svgOttoman Empire in 1683
Territorial changes of the Ottoman Empire 1683.jpgOttoman Empire in 1683
Güney Kafkasya 1801-1878.svgRussian conquest of Caucasus, 1801-1878
164BeforeWWI1878-1914s.gifRussian Caucasus in 1878-1914
Gubernias del Caucaso.pngRussian provinces in Caucasus, 19th-20th century
Gubernias del Caucaso - Okrug de Sujumi - Imperio Ruso.pngOkrug of Sujumi, 19th-20th century
[[|border|251x400px]]Abkhazian SSR, 1921-1931
Soviet caucasus1922.pngAbkhazian SSR in 1922
Georgian soviet republic1922.pngAbkhazian SSR in 1922
TSFSR (1928).pngAbkhazian SSR in 1928
Caucasiamapussr.gifAbkhazian ASSR, 1952-1991
Georgian soviet republic1957 1991.pngAbkhazian ASSR in 1957-1991
Abkhazian ASSR 89.jpgAbkhazian ASSR, 1989

Abkhazian-Georgian conflict


  1.  Romanization: Aṗsny Aḥwənṭḳarra.
  2.  Romanization of Russian according to the BGN/PCGN standard: Abkhaziya - Respublika Abkhaziya. Another used romanization is the ISO 9 standard.
  3.  Romanization: Aqwa.
  4.  Romanization: Sokhumi.
  5.  Romanization of Russian according to the BGN/PCGN standard: Sukhumi. Another used romanization is the ISO 9 standard.
1993 Georgia war1.svg1993 war
1993 Georgia war2.svg1993 war
Caucasus region Ovest.jpgAbkhazia in 1994
División administrativa de Abjasia.pngAdministrative divisions (pre-1995)
AbkhaziaGeorgiaBlank.pngAdministrative divisions (pre-1995)
División administrativa de Abjasia.pngGeorgian administrative divisions
AbkhaziaGeorgiaEng.jpgAdministrative divisions (pre-1995)
AbkhaziaGeorgiaBlank.jpgAdministrative divisions (pre-1995)
Europe location ABX.pngAbkhazia and Georgia
LocationAbkhazia2.pngAbkhazia and Georgia
Georgia Abkhazeti map.pngAbkhazia and Georgia
AbchazijaGruzijoje.pngAbkhazia and Georgia
Georgia Abkhazia map.pngAbkhazia and Georgia
Abchazië.PNGAbkhazia and Georgia
ICG Map of Western Georgia.JPGAbkhazia and Georgia
Georgia template.pngAbkhazia and Georgia
Abchasia and South Ossetia map.pngAbkhazia and Georgia
United Nation Abkhazia small.PNGUN security zone in 2007
[[|border|251x400px]]Abkhazian-Georgian conflict by Dr Andrew Anderson - territory controled by Georgians before 2008
[[|border|251x400px]]Abkhazian-Georgian conflict - territory controled by Georgians before 2008
Abkhazia Kodori Valley.PNGKodori Valley - controled by Georgians before 2008
Georgia until 2008 map de.pngSituation before 2008 war
Before war.JPGSituation before 2008 war
ICG Georgian-Abkhaz conflict zone.JPGGeorgian-Abkhaz conflict zone as of June 2008
2008 South Ossetia war en.svg2008 war
Gruzja-wojna.png2008 war
Georgia-War-2008-08-11.jpg2008 war
Guerra Osetia 2008 bombardeos.png2008 war - bombardments
[[|border|251x400px]]2008 war - maritime conflict
Abjasia 7 8 de agosto.png2008 war - August, 7-8
Abjasia 8 de agosto.png2008 war - August, 8
Abjasia 9 de agosto.png2008 war - August, 9
Abjasia 10 de agosto.png2008 war - August, 10
Abjasia 11 de agosto.png2008 war - August, 11
Abjasia 12 a 16 de agosto.png2008 war - August, 12-16
Caucasus breakaway regions 2008.svgAbkhazia in 2008
Caucasus Region 26-08-08.PNGAbkhazia in 2008

Ethnic, linguistic and religion maps

Caucasus ethnic.jpgEthnic map
Caucasus-ethnic volkengroepen.pngEthnic map
Caucasus-ethnic abchazen.pngAbkhaz people in Caucasus
Abchaz people de.svgAbkhaz people in the region
Megrel map.pngMingrelian language in Abkhazia
Caucasus-ethnic religie.pngReligion in Caucasus

Old maps

1842 map of Caucasus.jpgColchis in ancient Caucasus
Caucasus03333.jpgColchis in ancient Caucasus
Jomann Imperium Periscum.jpgOttoman Empire in 1700
Abkhazia 1843.jpgMap of Abkhazia from 1843
Russia Caucusus 1882.jpgAbkhazia in 1882
Map of Abkhazia 1890 (from B&E).jpgMap of Abkhazia from the Brockhaus and Efron dictionary, 1890
Kutais guberniya.jpgGubernia of Kutais in 1890-1906
Kuban district ru.jpgMap of Abkhazia from 1892
Abkhazia & Samurzakan.jpgMap of Abkhazia from 1899
Кавказ.jpgAbkhazia in 1900
Map-etno-kutais.jpgEthnic Abkhazians in 1902
Map of Abkhazia 1903.jpgMap of Abkhazia from 1903

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