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Atlas of Georgia

Europe location GEO.png
Flag of Georgia.svg

საქართველო აღმოსავლეთ ევროპაში, კერძოდ, კავკასიაში მდებარეობს. დასავლეთიდან მას ესაზღვრება შავი ზღვა, ჩრდილოეთით – რუსეთის ფედერაცია, აღმოსავლეთით – აზერბაიჯანი, სამხრეთით – სომხეთი და თურქეთი.
  1.  Romanization: Sakartvelo.
EnglishGeorgia - Georgia
Georgia is a country in Eurasia to the east of the Black Sea, most of which is located in the South Caucasus, while a portion of the territory lies in the North Caucasus. It is bordered by ► Russia to the north, ► Turkey and ► Armenia to the south, and ► Azerbaijan in the southeast.

Short name Georgia
Official  nameGeorgia
StatusIndependent country since 1991
Capitalთბილისი (Tbilisi)
Population4,661,473 inhabitants
Area69,700 km²
Major  languagesGeorgian (official)
Major  religionsen:Eastern Orthodox Christianity
More informationGeorgia (country)Geography of Georgia (country)History of Georgia (country) and Politics of Georgia (country)
More  imagesGeorgia (country) - Georgia (country) (Category).

General maps

Georgia (orthographic projection).svgLocation map of Georgia
Ort-Georgien.pngLocation map of Georgia
Europe location GEO2.pngLocation map of Georgia
Europe location GEO.pngLocation map of Georgia
Caucasus countries.pngLocation of Georgia in the Caucasus
[[|border|251x400px]]Location of Georgia in the Caucasus
Kaukasien-politik.pngLocation of Georgia in the Caucasus
Caucasus region 1994.jpgLocation of Georgia in the Caucasus
Armenianhighlandorg.pngLocation of Georgia in the Caucasus
Georgia.PNGMap of Georgia
Un-georgia.pngMap of Georgia
Gg-map.pngMap of Georgia
Georgia-map ka.PNGMap of Georgia
[[|border|251x400px]]Map of Georgia
Georgia administrative map-ru.svgMap of Georgia
Regions of Georgia.pngAdministrative divisions of Georgia
Georgien Regionen.pngAdministrative divisions of Georgia
Georgia numbered regions.pngAdministrative divisions of Georgia
Georgia areas.pngAdministrative divisions of Georgia
Georgien-autonomeRepubliken.pngAdministrative divisions of Georgia
Georgia.geohive.gifRegions of Georgia
Georgia districts extended.pngDistricts of Georgia
Georgia districts.pngDistricts of Georgia
Georgien - Karte der Wahlkreise.svgDistricts of Georgia
Georgia cities01.pngMain cities and towns in Georgia
Flag map of Georgia.svgFlag map of Georgia
Flag map of the Republic of Georgia.pngFlag map of Georgia

History maps

This section holds a short summary of the history of the area of present-day Georgia, illustrated with maps, including historical maps of former countries and empires that included present-day Georgia.
[[|border|251x400px]]Caucacus 2000-600 BC and state of Colchis
Urartu743.pngUrartu at its greatest extent in the time of Sarduris II, 743 BC and state of Colchis
Ge colxida.pngEarly Georgian states
[[|border|251x400px]]Early Georgian states 600-150 BC
[[|border|251x400px]]Early Georgian states 600-150 BC
[[|border|251x400px]]Iberia from 600 BC to 500 AD
Görög gyarmatok a Fekete-tengernél i e 6 század.svgColchis in the 6th century BC
Iberia map ru.pngIberia from 500 BC to 350 AD
Caucasus03.pngColchis and Iberia around 300 BCE
Caucasus 290 BC map de alt.pngColchis and Iberia in 290 BC
Transcaucasia 2nd BC.jpgEarly Georgian states in the second century BC
[[|border|251x400px]]The Region 189-63 BC
[[|border|251x400px]]Early Georgian states 150 BC-600 AD
[[|border|251x400px]]Early Georgian states 150 BC-600 AD
Caucasus 80 BC map de.pngIberia in 80 BC
Maps of the Armenian Empire of Tigranes.gifKingdom of Armenia at its greatest extent under the Artaxiad Dynasty after the conquests of Tigranes the Great, 80 BC
Ge iberia100.pngGeorgian states in 100
Asia 200ad.jpgGeorgian states in 200
Caucasus 250 AD map alt de.pngGeorgian states in 250
Caucasus 300 map de.pngGeorgian states in 300
Ge iberia350.pngGeorgian states in 350
Ge lazika.pngKingdom of Lazika
Caucasus 385 AD map alt de.pngGeorgian states in 385
[[|border|251x400px]]Georgian states, 4th-6th century
Caucasus 565 map de.pngGeorgian states in 565
Roman-Persian Frontier, 565 AD.pngRoman-Persian frontier and state of Lazika in 565
Ancient countries of Transcaucasia.jpgGeorgian lands in the late Antiquity and early Middle Ages
Indo-Sassanid.jpgIndo-Sassanide Empire
Sassanid Empire 620.pngThe Persian Sassanian Empire (226-650) in 602 to 629, Strokes: Under Sassanid military control.
Carte empire Sassanide.pngSassanide Empire
Sassanides02.pngSassanide Empire
Pontic-650.pngGeorgian states in 650
Arabische Rijk.jpgExpansion of the Caliphate: I: Muhammad; II: Abu Bakr; III: Omar and IV: Othman
Age of Caliphs.pngAge of the Caliphs
Califate 750.jpgCaliphate around 750
Caucasus 750n de.pngGeorgian states in 750
[[|border|251x400px]]Georgian states in 830-1020
[[|border|251x400px]]Georgian states in 830-1020
Georgian states (830-1020)-fr.svgGeorgian states in 830-1020
Caucasus 850 map de.pngGeorgian states in 850
L'Ibérie aux IX-Xe siècles.pngIberia in the 9th-10th century
Caucasus 900 map de.pngGeorgian states in 900
Hereti map 950.pngHereti in 950
Caucasus 1000 map de.pngGeorgian states in 1000
Caucasus 1060n map de.pngGeorgian states in 1060
Caucasus 1090 AC de.pngGeorgian states in 1090
David IV map de.pngGeorgia in 1090-1124
[[|border|251x400px]]Georgia in 1089-1125
Caucasus 1124 AC de.pngGeorgia in 1124
Georgia XII AS.jpgGeorgia in the 12th century
Caucasus 1213 AD map de.svgKingdom of Georgia at the peak of her might, 1184-1225
The Georgian Empire of Queen Tamar, ca. 1200.JPGGeorgia in 1200
[[|border|251x400px]]Georgia in 1200
Mongol Empire map.gif
This file has annotations. Move the mouse pointer over the image to see them.
Map showing changes in borders of the Mongol Empire from founding by Genghis Khan in 1206, Genghis Khan's death in 1227 to the rule of Kublai Khan (1260–1294). (Uses modern day borders)
   Mongol Empire
By 1294 the empire had split into:
   Empire of the Great Khan (Yuan Dynasty)
[[|border|251x400px]]Georgia in the aftermath of the Mongolian invasion, 1220-1245
Georgia during the reign of King George V.jpgGeorgia in 1314-1346
[[|border|251x400px]]Georgia 1450-1500
[[|border|251x400px]]Georgia 1450-1515
[[|border|251x400px]]Georgia 1500-1555
[[|border|251x400px]]Georgia in the late 16th century
[[|border|251x400px]]Georgia in 1762
Russia 1533-1896.gifGeorgia is conquered in 1800-1812 by the Russian Empire. This map shows the Russian expansion from 1533 to 1896
Gulistan-Treaty.jpgTreaty of Gulistan in 1813
Güney Kafkasya 1801-1878.svgRussian conquest of Caucasus, 1801-1878
Transcaucasia XIX 01.pngTerritory of present-day Georgia in the early 19th century
Transcaucasia XIX 02.pngTerritory of present-day Georgia in the early 19th century
Meyers b14 s0080a.jpgHistory of the Russian Empire (in German)
Administrative division of Russia 1848-1878.jpgAdministrative division of Russia 1848-1878 (in Russian)
164BeforeWWI1878-1914s.gifRussian Caucasus in 1878-1914
Gubernias del Caucaso.pngRussian provinces in Caucasus, 19th-20th century
Gubernias del Caucaso - Gubernia de Tiflis - Imperio Ruso.pngGubernia of Tiflis, 19th-20th century
Gubernias del Caucaso - Gubernia de Kutaisi - Imperio Ruso.pngGubernia of Kutaisi, 19th-20th century
Gubernias del Caucaso - Oblast de Batumi - Imperio Ruso.pngOblast Batumi, 19th-20th century
LocationRussianEmpire1914.pngThe Russian Empire in 1914
ADR pre-draft 1.pngCaucasus in 1918
[[|border|251x400px]]Democratic Republic of Georgia 1918-1920
ApproxPositionsWWI-1919.pngFrontlines in March, 1919
Conquista soviética del Caucaso - hasta julio 1920.pngGeorgia in July, 1920
Conquista soviética del Caucaso - hasta diciembre 1920.pngGeorgia in December, 1920
Conquista soviética del Caucaso - hasta marzo 1921.pngGeorgia until March, 1921
Conquista soviética del Caucaso - hasta julio 1921.pngGeorgia in March-July, 1921
Democratic Republic of Georgia (en).svgDemocratic Republic of Georgia in May, 1921
[[|border|251x400px]]Soviet invasion of Georgia, 1921
TreatyofKarsMap.jpgTurkish-Soviet frontier per the Treaty of Kars in 1921
Tratado de Kars 1921 - Adquisiciones turcas.pngTreaty of Kars in 1921
Tratado de Kars 1921 - Territorios disputados.pngTreaty of Kars in 1921
LocationUSSR.pngRussia becomes the Soviet Union in 1922. In 1922 Georgia becomes constituent republic of the Soviet Union.
Karta över de europeiska delarna av Sovjetunionen på 1920-talet.jpgEuropean part of the USSR in the 1920s
[[|border|251x400px]]Territorial losses during Sovietization 1921-1931
Soviet caucasus1922.pngGeorgian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1922
Georgian soviet republic1922.pngGeorgian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1922
SovietEvolution.pngEvolution of the Soviet Union
USSR Republics Numbered Alphabetically.png
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The republics of the USSR
[[|border|251x400px]]Map of the 1974 geographic location of various ethnic groups within the Soviet Union
Soviet Union Administrative Divisions 1989.jpgSoviet Union administrative divisions, 1989
LocationUSSR.pngThe Soviet Union
SovietUnionGeorgia.pngLocation of Georgia in the Soviet Union
Caucasiamapussr.gifGeorgian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1957-1991
Georgian soviet republic1957 1991.pngGeorgian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1957-1991
[[|border|251x400px]]Conflicts in Georgia 1989-2004, By Dr Andrew Andersen
1993 Georgia war1.svgConflict in Georgia in 1993
1993 Georgia war2.svgConflict in Georgia in 1993
Georgia until 2008 map de.pngSituation before the conflict in Georgia in 2008
Before war.JPGSituation before the conflict in Georgia in 2008
ICG Georgian-Abkhaz conflict zone.JPGGeorgian-Abkhaz conflict zone in June 2008
2008 South Ossetia war en.svgConflict in Georgia in 2008
Gruzja-wojna.pngConflict in Georgia in 2008
Georgia-War-2008-08-11.jpgConflict in Georgia in 2008
Osetia20080809.svgConflict in Georgia in 2008
Ocupación rusa territorio georgiano en Osetia del Sur 2008.pngConflict in Georgia in 2008
Russia occupies Georgia.jpgConflict in Georgia in 2008
Guerra Osetia 2008 bombardeos.pngRussian bombing during the conflict in Georgia in 2008
[[|border|251x400px]]Naval activities during the conflict in Georgia in 2008

Old maps

This section holds copies of original general maps more than 70 years old.
Armenia, Colchis, Iberia, Albania, Etc.jpgColchis and Iberia in ancient Caucasus
Caucasian Iberia.jpgIberia in ancient Caucasus
Colchis.jpgColchis in ancient Caucasus
Caucasus03333.jpgColchis and Iberia in ancient Caucasus
1842 map of Caucasus.jpgColchis and Iberia in ancient Caucasus
Map of Colchis, Iberia, Albania, and the neighbouring countries ca 1770.jpgColchis and Iberia in ancient Caucasus
European and Asiatic Sarmatia 1794.JPGColchis and Iberia in ancient Caucasus
Ptolemaic map Scythia 1598.jpgColchis and Iberia in ancient Caucasus
Armeniamap1.jpgColchis and Iberia in ancient Caucasus
Armeniamap2.jpgColchis and Iberia in ancient Caucasus
Armeniamap3.jpgColchis and Iberia in ancient Caucasus
Jomann Imperium Periscum.jpgCaucasus in 1700
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Georgia in 1784
Map of the Caucasus (1833).jpgCaucasus in 1833
[[|border|251x400px]]Caucasus in 1835
Karte des Kaukasischen Isthmus - Entworfen und gezeichnet von J-Grassl - 1856.jpgCaucasus in 1856
Russia Caucusus 1882.jpgCaucasus in 1882
Kutais guberniya.jpgGubernia of Kutais in 1890-1906
Tiflis governorate.jpgTiflis Governorate in 1890-1906
Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary b26 824-0.jpgCaucasus in 1890-1907
Tiflis governorate map.jpgTiflis Governorate in 1900
Map of Kutaisi Governorate.jpgKutaisi Governorate in 1900
Кавказ.jpgWestern Georgia in 1900
Map-etno-kutais.jpgEtnographic map of the Gubernia of Kutais in 1902
Map-etno-tiflis.jpgEtnographic map of the Governorate of Tiflis in 1902
Map-etno-tiflis (A).jpgEtnographic map of the Governorate of Tiflis in 1902
Map of Caucasus Botanical expeditions of N I Kuznetsov, N A Busch & A V Fomin 1888-90.jpgCaucasus in 1902
Map-1903-caucasus.jpgCaucasus in 1903
Guria&Achara.jpgGuria and Ajaria in 1906

Separatism in Georgia

Georgia high detail map.pngMap of Georgia
Georgia and Osetia.pngMap of Georgia
Map-of-Georgia-Color.pngMap of Georgia
Abchasia and South Ossetia map.pngMap of Georgia
Georgia, Ossetia, Russia and Abkhazia (en).svgMap of Georgia
Georgia.svgMap of Georgia
Map of Georgia with Abkhazia and South Ossetia highlighted.svgMap of Georgia
Georgia blank.pngMap of Georgia
Georgia blank3.pngMap of Georgia
Georgia-CIA WFB Map (nocolor).pngMap of Georgia
Georgia-CIA WFB Map.pngMap of Georgia
Georgie carte.pngMap of Georgia
Karte Georgien22.pngMap of Georgia
Georgia Abkhazeti map.pngLocation of Abkhazia
Georgia Abkhazeti map (tr).pngLocation of Abkhazia
ICG Map of Western Georgia.JPGLocation of Abkhazia
Abkhazia detail map2.pngMap of Abkhazia
Abkhazia detail map.pngMap of Abkhazia
Abkhazia02.pngMap of Abkhazia
Ossetia-map.pngLocation of South Ossetia
Ossetia05.pngMap of South Ossetia
SouthOssetia region detailed map.JPGDetailed map of South Ossetia
Ossetia01.pngMap of South Ossetia and North Ossetia

Maps of regions of Georgia

Georgia historiallinen.pngRegions of Georgia
Georgien-adm.pngRegions of Georgia
Eastern Georgia.PNGEastern Georgia
Adjara map.pngMap of Adjara
Ajaria02.pngMap of Adjara
Guriahistorical.jpgGuria region
Georgia Guria map.pngGuria region
Ge-sz-kaart.pngSamegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region
SamegreloHistorical.svgSamegrelo region
ZemoSvanetiHistorical.jpgZemo Svaneti region
Ge-rl-map.pngRacha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti region
KvemoSvantiHistorical.jpgKvemo Svaneti region
LechkhumiHistorical.jpgLechkhumi region
RachaHistorical.jpgRacha region
ImeretiLocationinGeorgia.svgImereti region
Geo-imer-map.pngImereti region
מחוזות אימרתי.PNGImereti region
Zestaponi region.pngZestaponi region
Georgia Samtskhe-Javakheti map.pngSamtskhe-Javakheti region
ToriHistorical.jpgTori region
Kartlimap.PNGKartli region
Georgia Shida Kartli map.pngShida Kartli region
Shida Kartli sin Osetia del Sur.pngShida Kartli region
Georgia Kvemo Kartli map.pngKvemo Kartli region
Kvemo kartli.jpgKvemo Kartli region
Georgia Tbilisi map.PNGTbilisi region
Tbilisi.pngTbilisi region
MtskhetaMtianetiLocationinGeorgia.svgMtskheta Mtianeti region
Ge-mm-kaart.pngMtskheta Mtianeti region
MtiuletiHistorical.jpgMtiuleti region
Map of Pkhovi.jpgPkhovi region
KhevsuretiHistorical.jpgKhevsureti region
Ertso-Tianeti Historical.svgErtso-Tianeti region
Georgia Kakheti map.pngKakheti region
KakhetiHistorical.svgKakheti region
TushetiHistorical.jpgTusheti region

Ethnic, linguistic and religious maps

Caucasus ethnic.jpgEthnic groups in Georgia
Caucasus-ethnic volkengroepen.pngEthnic groups in Georgia
Caucasus-ethnic georgiers.pngEthnic Georgians in Georgia
Caucasus-ethnic osseten.pngEthnic Ossetians in Georgia
Caucasus-ethnic kist.pngEthnic Kists in Georgia
Caucasus-ethnic Batsbi.pngEthnic Bats in Georgia
Megrel map.pngMingrelian language in Georgia
Caucasus-ethnic religie.pngReligion in Georgia

Other maps

Dfnsindust-georgia.jpgMajor Defence Industry Facilities in Georgia
Baku pipelines.svgPipelines in Georgia
Схема Закавказской жд.jpgRailways in Georgia
Georgian Railway Network.svgRailways in Georgia
Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Map.svgBaku-Tbilisi-Kars railway

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